Cameroon Coffee: Cameroon is an Oddball in Specialty Coffee

For starters, this is West African coffee, not East African like most other arabica offerings such as Kenya, Ethiopia, Rwanda. And a large percentage of Cameroon’s coffee has traditionally been robusta, grown in all provinces except the north, while arabica is mainly produced in the high altitudes of the west, northwest, and east.

The western highlands of Cameroon, where much of the coffee is grown, averages about 5,000 feet above sea level and has two distinct seasons, the rainy season and dry season, which benefits quality arabica.

The lot we last had on offer was from the CAPLAMI Cooperative in Mifi region of Western Province. CAPLAMI has over 2500 members, altitudes ranging from 1300 to 1800 meters. It is an unusual longberry Java cultivar, and cup qualities bear some resemblance to Indonesian character, but this one has many distinct differences too.

Cameroon coffee offerings