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This is our encyclopedic overview of each coffee-producing nation, with a dedicated page and introductory information for each. We continue to work to update these as some were written a while back! These are our coffee origin country pages…


Burundi is a small landlocked country at the crossroads of East and Central Africa, straddling the crest of the Nile-Congo watershed.

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Coffee from the Indonesian island of Bali was formerly sold exclusively to the Japanese market.

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sweet marias monkey blend


Sweet Maria’s offers a few pre-blended coffees for use as espresso and dark roast.

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Frank Sinatra sang, “They grow an awful lot of coffee in Brazil.” It is unquestionably true; it’s the largest producer of arabica coffee and not a small amount of robusta too.

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The arabica coffee plant was brought to Indonesia from India in 1696. Java coffee had a legendary status around the world until the last century.

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Coffee from Myanmar is not seen often in the US marketplace. In fact after the one offering we had from 2000, we haven’t see in since!

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Coffea arabica came to Tanzania with Jesuits and German colonization, and it was likely quite similar Bourbon varieties still grown to this day.

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Coffee from China is becoming interesting, as better farming practices are being employed in some cases, and coffee is being planted at higher elevations than before.

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