Category: Air Roasting

Air roasting means heating and moving a coffee batch in a heated air stream. It includes some of the easiest, cheapest and best ways to get into roasting, the ubiquitous air popper appliance made for popcorn. It also includes the Freshroast line of coffee roasters, and our own model called (rather confusingly) Popper* .

Original banged up box Melitta AromaRoast Coffee Roaster from 1984

Tips and Tricks for Using the Melitta AromaRoast

About 1982 Melitta released the first fluid bed coffee roaster designed for widespread use in the U.S. market. Soonafter, it was pulled from shelves and the entire production stock sold off.

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Product Guide: Nesco Air Roasters

The Nesco Coffee Roaster is a home roaster I like, and I recommend it with a few conditions. The Nesco Coffee RoasterA home air roaster

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An Approach to Roasting Brazil Coffee

The Natural and Pulped Natural coffees from Brazil can be some of the trickiest coffees to roast.

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The Fresh Roast SR 500 Detailed Review

The Freshroast SR500 Home Coffee roaster is a good, economical choice if you’re willing to pay attention to a few details. This is review of the functions of the SR500 to roast green coffee beans

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