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Focused on home roasting methods that turn coffee in a drum, including eht very popular Behmor electric drum roaster, the Aillio Bullet, GeneCaffe, the Quest roaster, and even our Probat commercial drum roasting…

Behmor Roast Profile: Guatemala Acatenango Gesha

GeshaGesha is a long-bean Ethiopia selection with unique cup character.: Gesha (often wishfully misspelled as Geisha) is a long-bean Ethiopia cultivar selection with unique cup

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Franken-Roasters DIY Coffee Roasting

Homemade Home Coffee Roaster Projects Even though there are a few machines on the market dedicated to roasting coffee in small amounts, home coffee roastingThe

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Behmor Electric Drum Coffee Roaster

Getting Started with the Behmor Coffee Roaster 1600 Plus

What you need to know before you start roasting in your new Behmor 1600+ home coffee roaster BehmorA popular electric drum roaster designed for home

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Behmor Manual Mode & Cooling with the Behmor 1600+

How to switch to Manual mode in the Behmor Coffee Roaster BehmorA popular electric drum roaster designed for home use, with variable batch sizes (from

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Behmor Coffee Roaster

Behmor Coffee Roaster Profile: Ethiopia Agaro Duromina Cooperative

This is the first in what we plan to be a series of Behmor roast recommendations specially tailored for individual coffees on our green coffee list.

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