Category: Roast Theory

Theory doesn’t have to mean obtuse. Roast theory: This category includes ideas on roasting, roast profiles (variations in applying heat to coffee over time), general principles of roasting, and roast-focused science literature.

RIP Coffee 2009

Macro images of RIP (Roasted in Parchment) coffee, and the unroasted parchment, as well as dry-process coffee cherry “pods”.

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Roast Profiling

Roast profiling is data collection. Your impressions of the cup of coffee itself, whether brewed or on a cupping table, are the most important pieces of data that you can collect.

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Roasting Brazils

roast controls on a Probat manufactured Impanema Brazilian roaster The classic natural and pulped-natural Brazil profile is Full City to Full City+, tending to be

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