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Chocolate and Coffee Postcard

Why tasting chocolate flavors is not simple

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How To Roast Your Own Coffee

Home coffee roasting is as fun and easy (or as exacting and technical), as you want to make it. Whatever method you use, you will be on your way to drinking much better coffee.

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Green Coffee Storage

How is Green Coffee Packaged when Exported and Imported? People in the coffee trade used to say that raw coffee was eternal, and we used

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Thompson in the area of Lintong Sumatra

Sumatra Coffee Travels – Berastagi, Sidikalang, Lake Toba, Lintong

An earlier trip from way back in 2008! Traveling to the coffee producing areas of North Sumatra. I took an extended trip to SumatraIndonesians are

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Video Travelogue: Colombia Farm Visits 2016 – PART 1

Part 1 – Coffee processing and thoughts on coffee from Colombia.

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Video Travelogue: Colombia Farm Visits 2016 – PART 2

Part 2 – Video and commentary from around the farm, in town and getting stuck in the rain, in Colombia.

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Coffee Production in Bali, Indonesia

A short video from Tom’s recent trip to Bali.

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Dan’s first origin trip to Guatemala

Dan manages our cupping lab and roasts/cups countless coffees every week so he was excited to travel to Guatemala to visit farms that we work with.

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Oh Nuts

Nuttiness can be the result of processing, either purposeful or otherwise. It can also be the result of bean density…

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