Coffee Shrub Volume Discounts Are Now An Automated Feature

Save big when you order full bags of coffee through the website

If you found your way here from, Coffee Shrub is our green coffee wholesale arm, where we offer bulk coffee in 50# GrainPro-lined bags, and full bags packed at origin. We offer many of the same coffees, and shopping is just as easy as on Sweet Maria’s. Feel free to hop on over and check it out.

Racking up big savings on green coffee just got a whole lot easier.

Volume discounts on full bags of coffee have always been a ‘thing’ on our site, though the process was admittedly a bit clunky. The discounted amount wasn’t visible through the front end, and it involved crediting back those savings after checking out. Not anymore.

Coffee Shrub volume discounts are now an automated feature. They are displayed on the front end of our website, so you can see exactly how much money you’re saving. Simply add 4 or more full bags of coffee, go to the shopping cart, and the savings are calculated just above the “Total” at the bottom right hand side. Since discounts are based on total volume across all coffees, you have to be in the shopping cart view to see the discounted amount.

Coffee Shrub volume discounts are now automated through the site. This photo shows how a 10 bag discount of .20 per pound is calculated in the shopping cart.
A 10 bag discount of .20 per pound is calculated in the shopping cart.

Here’s how it works:

Which coffees are discounted?

Any coffee offered in a “full bag” size is subject to a discount.

What exactly are “full bags”?

We consider full bags to the original packaging the coffee was bagged in at origin. In most cases, full bag sizes are 46 kg, 60 kg, 69 kg, and 70 kg sizes, with the occasional exception.

Are 50# boxes discounted?

Unfortunately, no. 50# boxes require re-bagging labor, full bags do not.

What are the volume tiers, and how much are the discounts?

Discounts are as follows: 4-9 bags = .10/lb discount, 10-29 bags = .20/lb discount, and 30+ bags = .35/lb discount.

Do discounts only apply when I reach the volume threshold of a single coffee?

Mixing coffees is OK! The discount is applied to the total number of full bags, regardless of how many different coffees you buy. If you purchase 1 bag Brazil, 2 bags Ethiopia, and 7 bags Colombia, a 10 bag/.20 per lb. discount will apply to those coffees.

What if I order 10 full bags, AND a few 50 lb. boxes? Will those be discounted too?

In cases such as these, the full bags will only be discounted. Not the 50 lb. boxes.

Bump up to full bag orders and start saving. It’s as simple as that! Still have questions? We’re here to help. Shoot us an email with any questions regarding Coffee Shrub volume discounts – [email protected].

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