Cupping across Colorado and new Guatemalas 


It’s been a pretty fun and sociable couple of weeks here in Colorado with lots of visitors coming up through Shrub Mountain for roasting and cupping, as well as some visits of my own to stop in and see some folks. There are some really great new roasters coming up as well as some exciting expansion for folks all up and down the front range. There will be a free event hosted by Allegro Coffee Company and the Rocky Mountain Craft Coffee Alliance on July 20th, a series of talks about different facets of the specialty/craft coffee industry loaded with great speakers, and also me. Would be so great to see you if you can make it:

You’ll see that we currently have 4 distinct Guatemala offerings up right now. I’ve been cupping and roasting through these and really enjoy the character of each coffee, some of them being more exotically expressive while others have a classic profile that’s sweet and approachable and just clean wonderful coffee. Finca Retana and Inteligente have been shrub favorites before, but definitely check out the offering from the Guacetepeque Small Holders as well as the gesha coffee from Acatenango.

Whenever we have multiple offerings from the same origin I like to encourage roasters to try to pick up a few instead of just one. It’s a golden opportunity to show your customers how much variety there is in any given origin, which opens up your ability to bring in coffees not just based on their origin but based on their unique qualities. Let us know what you think of these coffees by sharing your comments!

xoxox, the shrubs

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