Dominican Republic

Good news, Sammy Sosa …the Dominican produces more than mild cigars

It has a tradition of coffee production that dates back several centuries now. One would expect Dominican coffees hold true to the soft, mild profile of Island coffees in general. If you like clean tasting wet-processed coffees from Central America or Island coffees from the Caribbean or Hawaii, Dominican coffee hold promise.


And yet there are often problems with picking, processing and prompt exportation of lots. The coffee is either damaged at the farm, at the mill, or in transport. We are hoping to uncover a great source for Dominican coffee that has a clean cup character, and have been cupping samples that are quite brilliant lately, showing the potential is far greater than other Caribbean coffees.


In fact this coffee can be much more like Central American coffees than I would have expected, with excellent sweetness and bright acidity. We expect to see these coffees land in late July based on the crop and export time. There have been some interesting efforts on a very small scale to get some better results from this origin. Of special note is the work done by Dallis Brothers coffee.


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