Product Guide: Brewers & Grinders

Your high quality roasts deserve high quality grinding and brewing.

Every stage from bean to cup is important and although you have no control over what happens at the farm and processing facility, you do have control over how your coffee is roasted, ground and brewed. We carry a lot of brewers and grinders so shopping for the ones that fit your needs can be time consuming. To help you out, we put them all in one place…in categories…to help you find the best ones for your needs.

Electric Brewers


Technivorm KBTS brewer
Technivorm KBTS – 8 Cup Thermal Brewer ($299)

Technivorms are made right, brew right and are made to last. We like how the water has to boil before it flows upward and drips onto your ground coffee. Flashback… we chose a Technivorm as our office coffee maker at our last warehouse and it cranked out about 20 carafes a week for about a decade before we laid it to rest…a true testament to Technivorm’s durability. Click Here to check out our Technivorms.

Behmor Brazen Plus 3.0

Brazen brewer
The Brazen offers a lot of coffee nerd features.

Behmor is famous for making drum roasters and they deserve the same spotlight for their Brazen 8-cup Coffee Brewer ($199). The controls: 8 buttons and a screen but it serves up a ton of customizable features. You can adjust brewing parameters such as brew temperature and altitude compensation (the altitude at which you brew your coffee…it doesn’t fly). It has an auto timer and when you find settings that you like, the Brazen saves them to use later. The pre-soak function allows a small amount of hot water into the brew basket to pre-wet the coffee grounds. It comes with a gold mesh filter basket and can also be used with paper filters. Click Here to learn more about the Behmor Brazen Plus.

Pour Over Brewers

Roasted Coffee and Brewer Set

Catch it while you can

This limited quantity Roasted Coffee & Brewer Set ($33.50) comes with 1lb of roasted Guatemala Xinabajul Los Chuchitos, a glass brewer that holds included Hario V60 #2 filters, and a beehive style carafe for brewing and serving. We think that roasted coffee is a great gift on its own, but roasted coffee with a new way to brew it is even better! Guatemala Xinabajul Los Chuchitos is a real crowd pleaser, and at City+ shows notes of burned sugars, cocoa powder, almond, toasted marshmallow, and mild bittersweetness.

This pre-ordered product will be roasted on 12/13, and will ship on Thursday 12/14. Products sharing the same order will also ship on 12/14.

Clever Coffee Drippers

Clever Coffee Drippers
They are called “Clever” for a reason.

Our favorite filtercone comes in both plastic ($34.95) and glass ($49.95). We are big fans of them because of their impact resistance and their truly clever method of brewing. The silicone stopper allows for a filter drip brew while still maintaining control over the steep time. When ready to brew it’s as simple as inserting a filter, your ground coffee and hot water. Place the Clever Coffee Dripper on to your cup to release your brewed coffee for a great cup. They brew up to 18oz and the included lid helps stabilize temperature while brewing. Both plastic and glass units ship with filters. Click Here to learn more about Clever Coffee Drippers.


Chemex Brewers
The Chemex’s 1940’s industrial design withstands the test of time.

Chemex brewers are so simple, minimal and elegant. The brewer is basically a one-piece glass hourglass shaped form with a wood collar handle and leather tie. When brewing with one, you gain full control over infusion time based upon the fineness of your grind and pouring technique. We currently carry them in different sizes too.

10 cup – $51.30

8 cup – $46.75

6 cup – $46.98

3 cup – $42.01

Kalita Drippers

Kalita Drippers
Glass or metal. You choose.

The Stainless Steel Kalita Wave ($40) has a durable stainless steel construction that is great for travel. The three drain holes in the base allow for good flow while being restrictive enough to give you good extraction.

The Glass Kalita Wave ($36) is easy to use, easy to clean, and sure looks nice. The glass exterior lets you view the brewing process and it makes a really good cup of coffee. It also has three holes giving you great extraction rates.


Origami drippers
Feel the rainbow of Origami drippers.

The Origami ($40) coffee dripper is made in Japan and is is great for making 1-4 cups of coffee. Both Hario V60 type conical filters and flat bottom Kalita wave type filters will work with it. Add a collar in acacia wood or clear resin to the dripper for more brewing fun.

Hario V60

Hario v60 brewer
A true pour over classic. $25

The Hario V60 ($25) is a classic brewer and can usually be spotted in the wild at your local fancy cafe. The gaping hole at the bottom allows brewed coffee to exit faster than brewers with a small hole, which means you need slower, more careful pour. With a little practice, you will figure out the correct pour pace and appreciate the control you can achieve with a V60.

Flair PRO

flair pro espresso machine
No electricity needed

The Flair PRO ($325) takes non-electric manual espresso up to the next level. It has simple, sturdy construction and is easy to use and clean. We appreciate the pressure gauge, bottomless portafilter and brew ratio/capacity. We think the Flair PRO can pull shots of equal quality to any commercial espresso maker. 

Electric Grinders


There’s a lot of reasons we love Baratza.

We are big fans of Baratza. As a brand, they have been producing, updating and supporting a full line of home coffee grinders for over twenty years. Their build quality is excellent and so is their customer support.

Sette 30 AP ($299) – The Sette brings innovative changes to the table. It features 30 steps of grind adjustment, a unique burr set and a direct pathway from burr to receptacle that retains almost no grounds after dosing. Sette 30 is a great entry-level espresso grinder at a really competitive price.

Virtuoso+ ($249)- What a great all-around mill and a good choice for espresso too! The Virtuoso+ commercial grade 40 mm conical burr set, grinds very fast and the timer knob allows for repeatable dosing.


capresso infinity grinder
Affordability. Quality. Need we say more about the Capresso Infinity?

Capresso Infinity ($99.99)- Spinning blade grinders are usually a no-no if you are looking for a uniform, low temperature grind but some are better than others. After some searching, we found the Capresso does a pretty good job, even in comparison to higher priced grinders. We found the uniformity of the grind particle size was impressive, maybe not impressive enough for espresso but impressive enough for a blade grinder

Rancilio Rocky

rancilio rocky
The Italian Stallion?

Rancilio Rocky ($425) – Yo Adrian! Rancilio’s Rocky grinder is a top-grade, Italian-made mill. Straight forward adjustments, powerful motor, commercial grade 50mm flat burrs, quiet operation and 55 grinding steps will make you a pro barista in your own kitchen.

Manual Grinders


So Durable and beautiful. You might ditch your electric grinder. $64.50.

Ningbo Manual Grinder ($64.50) – This aluminum manual grinder features stainless steel burrs, a comfortable, ergonomic hardwood knob and smooth bearing action. This hand mill is built to last!

Hario Skerton Pro

Hario Skerton grinder
Powered by…you

The Hario Skerton Pro ($57.50) has a burr stabilizer plate, ceramic burrs and a sturdy construction. The grind quality is really good and the mill grinds efficiently and fairly quick. Like any human-powered mill it takes some elbow grease to crank out a grind, but the workout is worth it!