Product Guide: Drum Roasters

Nov. 29, 2017

Drum roasters have longer roast times compared to air roasters but their roast profiles have more in common with much larger commercial machines. Since they don’t require a fan powerful enough to agitate the bean mass, drum roasters can usually roast more coffee and are more durable.


Behmor 1600+– Behmor roasters continue to be our most popular roaster and we are always pleased with Behmor’s product innovations and customer support. This roaster’s strong point is that it can roast up to a pound. A batch size this large can’t be done by any other home roaster.


Hottop – Hottops have a 9oz capacity and do a great job of mimicking the behavior of a commercial roaster. This is due to most of the heat being transferred to the coffee from the rotating drum and the fast cooling of the perforated cooling tray. They come in two different models. The “Basic” and the “2K+” which has more control options like the ability to connect the roaster to computer software.


Gene Cafe’ – Ask anyone who roasts with a Gene and they’ll tell you it roasts great coffee and has an incredible build quality. The downside is that you will have to find a way to route the smoke out of your roasting area. The good news is that the exhuast port is just asking to be fitted with a small dryer hose that can be routed to a window or hood vent. Red or black…you choose. Gene Cafe’s are back in stock and ready to ship.



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