Product Guide: Sweet Maria’s Sample Sets

Nov. 3, 2016

Our sample sets are great for coffee roasting beginners and for experienced roasters with an adventurous spirit. They are also perfect for those who have a difficult time making decisions since they are very convenient to order.


Our Standard 4 and 8 Pound Sample Sets

These consist of four or eight single pound bags from different growing areas (Central America, South America, Africa and Indonesia) which means you can expect a wide spectrum of flavor. This is as great way to educate your palate and associate growing regions with different flavor notes. If you are thinking of purchasing a roaster, keep in mind we ship them with free or discounted sample sets.

The coffees in the sets change almost daily so we can’t take requests in regards to which ones up in your sample set, but we can promise that you will get an excellent variety of high quality coffee and save money at the same time.

We have espresso and decaf options too. Eight pound Espresso sets are a mix of our Sweet Maria’s blends and single origins that will be great for espresso. The four pound espresso sampler will be mostly or all espresso blends.


Single Origin Sample Sets

These are a really fun way to taste what an origin has to offer. We curate these when we have enough coffee from a single origin to sell as 4 or 8 pound sets. If you are trying to educate your taste buds or just can’t get enough of one origin’s coffee, these are for you. 

-88+ Burundi Rwanda

-East African 4-pack


DIY Blend Kit

Blending lets you to take control of your coffee’s flavor or allows you to have something completely different with every roast. Go for a nice two-coffee blend, or something more complicated. Blend before or after roasting. Build a sweetness-driven cup, wild at the edges, or a full on fruit basket. This is your masterpiece. It’s all up to you! This one comes as a 6 pound set.

-DIY Blend Kit 6-pack


FYI, we don’t purchase old, faded, low quality coffee for sample sets (or for any other purpose). All sample sets consist of coffee that is currently being sold on our site or has recently gone out of stock. If you really like a coffee from your set and we have sold out of it, keep track of the flavor notes on the coffee bag label and look for other coffees on our offerings list that provide the same attributes.