Shrub Samples


Samples can now be ordered from the main order page for each of our Shrub coffees! Size is 300 grams (for grading and roughly 2 roasts) and will ship 4 to a flat rate envelope, or with your Coffee Shrub order. Samples will be available for most of the coffees on our list, except those with an inventory of less than 5 bags.

When we started Coffee Shrub our main goals were to give roasters access to excellent and interesting coffees, create an open dialogue around these offerings, and to simplify the process of buying truly great coffees for enthusiastic roasters. In this spirit we have put together a very carefully thought out Shrub sampling program.

We have always and will always diligently curate our offerings list and make absolutely sure that every coffee available meets our high quality standards; however, we do understand that for many organizations sampling is an important part of their operations.

There are many issues we have with the common practice of sampling, most of them revolving around communication, and it really goes both ways. For years I’ve heard the stories from roasters about how somebody sent them a bad sample but how they never had a conversation with them about what they thought of the sample. Or the other story about receiving a whole load of unrequested samples that the roaster doesn’t ever have the time to look at and carefully evaluate, or even the time to get on the phone during business hours to discuss them.

In putting our program together, we made sure that who ever was interested could get the samples, but that they weren’t overloaded with too many samples. This is a paid sampling program, because we didn’t want to bury the cost for the samples into our prices for the coffees themselves which is what is usually done. We also wanted to make the process for giving and receiving feedback on the samples as easy as possible for everyone, so we’ve put together a little survey that allows you to easily share with us what you did or didn’t like about a coffee.

It’s important to us that you can easily and honestly share your thoughts with us on the samples or any coffees that you receive from us. It’s of incredible value to all of us that we can have this dialogue. Sampling is about calibration, exploration, and conversation and we look forward to sharing some coffees with you.

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