Sugar Cupping Part 2 — Rough outline

A few weeks back we took the time to taste sugar (yes, sugar….not coffee). This was a little exercise to learn more about how unique different sugars taste and how recognizable they are in coffee.

This is a very educational exercise you can easily try at home. Try diluting —-s of sugar into —-s water for a solution that allows you to taste the sugar without it being too watered down. Learning about sweetness is in no way a prerecrisite for enjoying coffee, but it can be fun if you want to dive into tasting different coffee flavors.

Consider tasting other things side by side. Teas, chocolates, apples, etc.

Sweetness is an attribute of a quality coffee. Coffee with defects won’t have sugary sweet notes.

Here’s a list of the sugars we tasted.

Dark Muscovado

Baking Sugar

Coconut Palm Sugar

Demenura Sugar