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From our start in 1997, we have valued learning about green coffee as much as selling it. Our Coffee Library has grown from years of work and improvement. We cover Roasting Basics and Green Coffee Basics. And we offer an overview of every region we source coffee from in our Country Profiles.

Under Sourcing you can find our Travelogues from trips to farms and coops, as well as extensive Travel Videos. We go deeper into coffee issues in our Topics category including Science and Coffee Trade articles. Our library can be browsed by media type too: ArticlesVideosPodcastsPhoto sets or the Latest Posts.

Our Basics articles aren’t always that basic! And we have advanced material on roasting and tasting, include explanations of Green Coffee Defects, Roast ProfilesCupping, and features on Drum Roast and Air Roast methods. We feel that learning about the world of coffee enhances the enjoyment of it. Learn with us! 

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colombia coffee conversation video

Colombia Coffee Cupping and Conversation!

Tasting incoming Colombia lots from Narino, Buesaco and Inza regions. And Talking… and talking … and …. Long: That’s the first word to describe this

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Popper Coffee Roaster Front View

Popper is a Coffee Roaster: Information and FAQ page

A review of a new home coffee roaster called Popper; moderately priced, manually controlled. We are excited to launch a new home roaster that offers

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Colombia Podcast

Podcast: Colombia Cupping & Conversation (Episode 30)

Dan and Tom sat down with Pedro and Leo from Medellin, Colombia to talk all about coffee sourcing. For our 30th Podcast, Pedro and Leo

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