First Ever Homeroaster’s Dream Camp Photos! July 2009

Participating in the 1st Dream Camp session on July 25th 2009 were:

Bonnnie Polkinghorn
Gregory Phipps
John Trefethen
John MacIntyre
Bob Hood
Dustin Pattison
Steve Schaeffer
Chuck Washburn
Mike Keyes
Janice Carter
Mark Osborne

Here are some images from our recent Homeroasters’ Dream Camp:

Name tag time! The group gathers for the camp.

We didn’t know Josh was going to get INSIDE the Probat!

Who’s leading this camp anyway?

Me and the Probat have just met, love at first sight.

Using the digital thermometer to log Behmor roasts.

3 stations: Behmor, Hottop, and Freshroast.

John tries his hand at a Freshroast 8. He doesn’t know that the Freshroast chamber is impervious to his laser vision roasting method.

Josh himself in action at the Probat! – Photo kindly sent by Janice Carter

Lots of cups, lots of samples – Photo kindly sent by Janice Carter

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