Choosing Green Coffee; Replacing a Favorite…

What if a favorite coffee is out of stock?

As an agricultural product, coffee is subject to seasonality – unfortunately, this means keeping any specific single origin coffee in stock year round is impossible. This means we’ll eventually sell out of your favorite coffee. 

It can be difficult to predict if/when a specific coffee will be back in stock because, as an agricultural product, there are a number of factors beyond our control that can affect crop quality. Even if we purchase a subsequent lot from the same farm, cooperative, etc, the character of the coffee can shift from harvest to harvest and next year’s coffee may not taste or roast exactly the same and this year’s coffee. 

This can be frustrating if you were hoping to reorder the same coffee, but there will always be a few fresh coffees with similar flavor notes on our list that we know you will enjoy!

Look for a bean from the same or nearby region, as the cultivar and climate is most likely similar. Consider the processing method next, which greatly impacts the flavor. A dry processed coffee from Ethiopia will not match the flavor profile of its neighboring region’s wet processed coffee. Finally, match the overall flavor profile in the description. The coffee score is not a good indication of a coffee matching up in cup characteristics, but the spider graph and flavor wheel can be helpful in finding a coffee that has certain attributes you like, such as body and brightness.

Here is a list of factors to consider when searching for a comparable coffee:

  • Origin
  • Cultivar
  • Processing
  • Region
  • Flavor Attributes

In this video, Tom discusses how to go about choosing what green coffee to roast, both for folks just beginning to home roast and for those who love a certain coffee that is now unavailable.