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Here you can find more abstract articles about taste, about sensory issues, and the ideas behind cupping. Under “Brew” we have a category about “how to cup” basically. You don’t need to read this stuff to taste coffee. but it can’t hurt

colombia coffee conversation video

Colombia Coffee Cupping and Conversation!

Tasting incoming Colombia lots from Narino, Buesaco and Inza regions. And Talking… and talking … and …. Long: That’s the first word to describe this

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Coffee Cherry Diagram

Coffee Science – Green Coffee Science and Cup Quality

Green coffee genetics and coffee variety studies that factor for coffee cup quality. This section of PDF coffee researchThe study of the agronomy of coffee,

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A primer on Green coffee cupping scores and flavor graphs

Understanding Our Coffee Reviews

A primer to the charts and numbers of our coffee cupping profiles This short primer helps explain how coffee scores are calculated and what flavor

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Coffee and Chocolate

Chocolate, Coffee, Bitterness (Part 1)

Why is bitter a bad word? As a flavor descriptor, “chocolateA general flavor or aroma term reminiscent of chocolate. But what type? Usually described with

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Roast Development Cupping Test … What does under-roasted coffee taste like?

With the current discussion on under-developed roast taste, I had a realization: I have never cupped green coffee before. Seriously, green. Given that as a

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Sweet Maria’s Custom Cupping Spoon

Our custom coffee cupping spoon is stainless steel, and made by W. Wright in Sheffield England. We have been eagerly waiting for these to arrive

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The Coffee Tasters Flavor Wheel

The last version produced by SCAA of their coffee flavor and aroma wheel …you can get these items printed on a poster or cup from

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The Loring Smart Roast at Solberg and Hansen, Oslo

Norway – Nordic Barista Cup September 2010

I had a curious time at the Nordic Barista Cup. It’s not quite my gig, since I am on the cupper/roaster end of things, and am always a little put-off by the barista thing.

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