Category: Cupping

What is cupping, and why does it even exist? “Cup-testing” coffee is a quick way to check quality for a coffee lab with many samples to examine. Can you do it at home? Yes! This category is about the cupping process, and issues of taste and evaluation are found under Issues/Topics.

Cupping Safety: No-Share with Rattleware Cupping Brewer

If the new cupping protocols have you stressed out, the Cupping Brewer by Rattleware is a great solution. Good news: SCASCA is the newly formed

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What The He — Is Jasmine?

So, what is the taste and smell of jasmine? Yirgacheffes often have the most clear-cut jasmine notes of any coffee, but…

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Bright Coffee

Here’s a few coffees with exciting, snappy, zingy, citrusy, tart, vibrant notes

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