Category: Roast

Roasting is at the core of what we do at Sweet Maria’s, so you will find many sub-categories focused on the type of home roasting (air, drum) and a category called Roast Theory, about approaches, profiles and other roast issues.

Popper air roaster profile

Roast Development to Second Crack in Popper Coffee Roaster

Thompson demonstrates a Popper roast from start to finish, aiming for a Full City Plus roast with just a bit of Second Crack. Some people

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Popper Coffee Roaster Front View

Popper is a Coffee Roaster: Information and FAQ page

A review of a new home coffee roaster called Popper; moderately priced, manually controlled. We are excited to launch a new home roaster that offers

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Drogo Roaster

Drogo Coffee Roaster

Our customers keep creating amazing machines Sweet Maria’s customer Mike McConnell sent us this video of his homemade coffee roastingThe application of heat to green

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Popper roast demo screen shot

Popper Coffee Roaster – Roast Demo Videos

A two-part long-form video about features and functions of the new Popper coffee roaster. Popper is made to be a simple, easy-to-use, adjustable air roaster.

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