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Travelogues include photo documentary of regional visits, trips and farm / producer portraits. They range from medium length to some with 200+ photos, all captioned!

Bet Giyorgis is said to the be the last church carved in the reign of King Lalibela. Carved in the shape of a cross, it stands as an isolated monolith, away from all the other churches

Lalibela, Ethiopia

Roha was the original name for this small town placed at 2500 meters in the Amharic region of Northern Ethiopia. It was the center of

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highest altitude coffee

Peru Coffee Farm Travels

A trip from way back in 2006, with images of farms, coffee cooperatives, and highland kitsch. Regions of Cuzco, Quillabamba, San Martin, Huallaga, Tarapoto, Lamas…

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Kanji Lali Estate, propagating n39a - mbozi compact

The Mania of Tanzania: The Tanzanian Coffee Trade

Tanzania has been considered by traders as a “lesser Kenya” in many respects. That’s not fair though. In the commercial business, it is the source

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Ngogomo Station

Burundi Coffee in Permanent Crisis

Burundi is in trouble, always: Uncertain harvests, poverty, bad policy, and a poor international reputation a permanent crisis cycle. That’s not new, as there always

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Om Bene coffee, Tolo Rojo area Bajawa

Flores Indonesian coffee: Balanced and Beautiful

Flores is a unique Indonesian coffee area, not just because the Komodo Dragons are so close… but because of the excellent coffee quality. FloresFlores is

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Honduras: Coffee Sourcing Challenges

While we may have struggled to find a consistent source in Honduras, we continue to come up with good coffee. Find out how.

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Bridget Carrington with Jeremy Block in the background

Kenya Coffee Cupping & Comments from a Quick Trip

I took a detour to Nairobi, Kenya for cupping and some farm visits in Thika and Nyeri areas. Here’s some photos and things I learned

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La Minita coffee farm, of Nicaragua, not Costa Rica

Nicaragua Coffee Regions, Matagalpa, Jinotega and …

A visit to Matagalpa and other other Nicaragua coffee growing regions around it, back in March 2009 After a quick flight from San Jose, Costa

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ripe coffee cherry at hafursa cooperative in yirga cheffe ethiopia

Ethiopia Harvest Trek in December

The last destination on our 3-part December 2009 journey was Sidamo and Yirga Cheffe areas of South Ethiopia. We were hoping to get to Moredocofe

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