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A primer on Green coffee cupping scores and flavor graphs

Understanding Our Coffee Reviews

A primer to the charts and numbers of our coffee cupping profiles This short primer helps explain how coffee scores are calculated and what flavor

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Java Indonesia Coffee Sumatra video

Indonesia Coffee Video Travelogues

From the latest Indonesia coffee trip, I put together these long-form videos, one for Sumatra, and one for Java… I can’t do short. I can’t

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Coffee producers and processors, Kerinci

Indonesian Coffee, Sumatra and Java Trip

Thompson just returned from another trip to visit two important coffee growing regions in Indonesia. High prices, low crop, and too much rain … things

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Unroasted green coffee of the Panama Dry Process Oscarcito Gesha

Video: A Closer Look at the Physical Green of Panama Dry Process Oscarcito Gesha

Our guidance on what to do with physical defects found in the green coffee of this amazing dry process Gesha. This tiny lot of Panama

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Hello: Ethiopia & Kenya Coffee Set – No.1

Our first set of green coffees in this series features the the powerhouse coffee producing nations of Africa. How do Ethiopia and Kenya compare? While

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