Coffee Producing Countries of the World

Our portraits of coffee-growing origins

Here we draw on our experience from 20+ years of travels to offer an overview of the places we source our green coffee beans. There is a page for each coffee producing nation we source our green coffee beans from, but not for all nations that produce coffee.

Use the menu to the right or the maps below to locate coffee origins.

This is not meant to be a complete and unbiased view of the coffee world. It is simply our view, based on our experiences! Some regions we visit often, others are locations we visit less frequently, and some we have never see first hand! Therefore these pages have a range of quality from in-depth and personal representations, to more generic portraits based on our correspondence with exporters and importers in the coffee trade. Our overview is neither exhaustive nor perfect. We hope it is still informative though!

The places that didn't fit ...

Yemen map outline
Yemen Coffee Overview
Hawaii Small Map Outline
Hawaii Coffee Overview
Saint helena map outline
St Helena Overview