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The way a coffee is processed, it’s transformation from fruit on the coffee shrub to green bean ready to roast, is a key to understanding the resulting flavors. You can see and hear talk of processing in our farm videos and travelogues. And here you find some articles focused on it.

Colombia Podcast

Podcast: Colombia Cupping & Conversation (Episode 30)

Dan and Tom sat down with Pedro and Leo from Medellin, Colombia to talk all about coffee sourcing. For our 30th Podcast, Pedro and Leo

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A Gallery of Wet Process Coffee Images

From Sweet Maria’s travelogues to various countries, images of how wet processing is done in various parts of the world.

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Dry process natural coffee overview card

What is Dry Processed Coffee?

Dry processDry process coffee is a method for taking the fruit from the tree to an exportable green bean. The whole intact coffee cherry is

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Wet Process Coffee in Guatemala

It’s hard being a bean. This is what wet-processed coffee goes through to result in a good tasting cup. I made this video in Huehuetenango Guatemala at a small wet mill.

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Adame Gorogota Cooperative, Wenago Ethiopia

Q & A: Dry Fermenting?

We kick off our Q & A with a customer question about fermentation!

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