Category: Agronomy

This grouping features a range of topics related to farming coffee… or even growing at home! It is about the plant, not just the green bean, and approaches to coffee planting. We call this section coffee plant agronomy.

Java Indonesia Coffee Sumatra video

Indonesia Coffee Video Travelogues

From the latest Indonesia coffee trip, I put together these long-form videos, one for Sumatra, and one for Java… I can’t do short. I can’t

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Ngororero Coffee Rwanda

Rwanda Coffee – Ngororero Washing Station

A video tour of the Ngororero coffee washing station in the Western District of Rwanda RwandaRwandan coffee was, at one time, rarely seen in the

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colombia coffee conversation video

Colombia Coffee Cupping and Conversation!

Tasting incoming Colombia lots from Narino, Buesaco and Inza regions. And Talking… and talking … and …. Long: That’s the first word to describe this

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Kafa Coffee Caravan Ethiopia

Ethiopia Kafa Coffee Caravan (Video)

Some ambient scenes from the Kafa zone of Western Ethiopia, and a look at a couple nice farms. Sorry for silly introduction on my Kafa

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