2 for 1 Container Tuesday

Okay – it was not all on Tuesday – but it felt like it.  On Monday, aside from what’s becoming our usual 600+ Sweet Maria’s orders to send out, we were faced with the task of shipping a container load of coffee to an Australian customer from our wholesale site.   The 20′ container was loaded floor to ceiling with coffee.   This order was over 37,000lbs, so in order to get it all in, a large amount of stacking was in order. After a couple hours, our excellent crew got it all packed in. As if that wasn’t enough heavy work, our 40ft container of Clever Coffee Drippers arrived yesterday morning. Over 1200 cases were unloaded and put on pallets for easy access in our warehouse. Luckily, moving all that coffee out of our warehouse created enough room for this large amount of Clevers. Today, our shipment of Behmor coffee roasters arrives and we still need to continue getting your coffee orders out the door…whew! What a week.