Nothing in life is free but that doesn’t mean everything has to be expensive. As you know, coffee roasting is inexpensive when you compare the cost of green coffee to roasted coffee but it can still add up when putting together those large orders. We never import inexpensive coffee for the sake of it being cheap. We only import great coffee that happens to occasionally be under six bucks a pound. Here’s six great choices…all for less than six bucks each.


Timor Leste Goulala Village – Sweet cup character, butter cream frosting and mild bittering bass notes are illuminated by tart goji berry, lemon rind and an almond meal finishing note.   $5.85/lb

Brazil Dry Process Pedra Branca Yellow Bourbon – Robust cocoa roast flavors are matched by unrefined, molasses-like sweetness, with dried banana and berry accents, and rum candy in the aroma. Good for espresso.   $5.65/lb

Colombia Inzá Veredas Vecinas – Persistent sweetness, a framework of unrefined sugary flavors like light brown sugar, raw panela and toffee, raisin and roasted almond accents, and deep chocolate flavors with roast development. Good espresso.   $5.95/lb

Honduras Comayagua Angel Vasquez – Unrefined sugar sweetness accented by herbaceous rue and Thai basil, citric acidity, berry accents, bittersweet cocoa and a walnut accent note. Good espresso.   $5.75/lb

Honduras Organic Santa Maria Doña Aguilar – A sweet, clean cup that comes off on the delicate side when roasted light. Notes of caramel drizzled almonds, brown sugar, cacao nib accent and hop flower aroma.   $5.65/lb

Honduras Cerro Negro La Lesquiñada – Balanced dark sugar sweetness and roast tone, top notes of raisin, dried stone fruit, a green herbal accent, high % cacao bar, and a dark berry accent. Good for espresso.   $5.65/LB