Alpenrost Cleaning and Maintenance Instructions

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Alpenrost Cleaning and Maintenance Instructions

Cleaning the inside of the cover is very important – as the reflective surfaces help the beans roast. If your machine has a lot of build up, which happens if you burn a roast or roast dark on a regular basis, you need to clean these areas especially.

Unplug Machine!!! Be sure it has cooled sufficiently prior to touching metal parts.

Take off all four (4) removable parts: Drum Bean Cup Chaff Tray Multidirectional Vent Clean in sink with warm soap and water or place in “Top Rack” dishwasher. *Be sure all parts are dry before placing back on main unit.

With a brush or small vacuum remove any residual Chaff from bottom of roast chamber and housing (where Multidirectional vent attaches.) *This will keep cooling air passages clear.

Clean both moon shaped metal doors at end of roasting chamber. Use slightly damp sponge or Nylon pad with dish detergent and gently wipe around outside sealing edge (never use steel pads or abrasives). To open doors gently push the center of the top door inward (12 o’clock) and both doors will lay flat inside the unit. Clean in this position with soft circular motion (do not press hard on doors) and wipe clean. Do not attempt to close doors after cleaning. This will happen automatically when the next roast begins.

Roasting Chamber (Stainless Steel) may also need to be wiped clean.

Use a damp sponge or Nylon pad with dish detergent (never use steel pads or abrasives). Folks have told us that rubbing alcohol, citrus cleaner and a product called Goo Gone are the best for removing built up coffee oils. These seem to do the trick.

Due to the high heat in the Roasting Chamber, there may be some permanent discoloration on the upper lid heat shield.

Recommended: Always clean machine and parts after each use and only operate with all parts properly attached

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