Color Us In


We’d like to start a campaign. We’d love for you all to take your empty black and white Coffee Shrub bags and color them in and post them on the social media of your choice and maybe say a few words about the coffee that was in the bag and what your experience with that coffee was like. Don’t forget to tag us as well so that we see it! We have a couple fun items including our new 5 Senses screen printed posters that we’d love to send you if you post your pics of colored in shrubs.

While this is a fun way to interact with each other via the social medias that we participate in, the idea of colored in shrubs is something that means more to us than just some promotional campaign. It struck me one day like a bolt of lightning. What we do at shrub is provide roasters with the raw material, but not just that, we’re not just moving coffee from one place to another. Through our coffee pages and resource articles we’re providing an outline, a sketch of what the potential of that coffee is. It is up to the roasters to actualize that potential, to color the outlines in in their own unique way and make it a vivid and special something else. I feel like this really speaks to the importance of the roaster in the value chain. The amazing qualities of any particular coffee are latent, not intrinsic. A roaster has to bring those qualities to life.

all 5 sensesall 5 senses

We say it a lot because we really mean it. We want to create dialogue around these coffees. We’re not just trying to move coffee from one place to the next. We want to provide a carefully curated offering list filled with interesting coffees as well as resources to help better understand those coffees and the craft of roasting. We’re always looking for new and fun ways to foster this interaction and we feel that this project allows the roasters who work with us to share what they thought about these coffees in both a direct and even a more abstract way. And please, don’t ever feel like you can’t color outside the lines.

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