Coming to a Patch of Grass Near You…

We have sold out of "skunk logo" soccer balls and decided it was time for a new design, complete with arabica shrub branch graphics. They should be up for sale on our site very soon.

Tom loves soccer and hates lousy soccer balls. When travelling to coffee origins, he sees the workers playing with lousy duct-taped, half-inflated soccer balls. Not making any claims about quality here: this will be a "practice-level" ball that wouldn’t pass FIFA in a thousand years. But it holds air and stands up to a beating.

Offering them to our customers was not really the intention here, but when you get custom-made soccer balls, you have to get a lot. Selling a few will help fund our give-aways to school kids, coffee pickers, and mill workers.

Did you know we used to have a soccer team back in 2006? Click here to read more. The man immediately to Tom’s right in the photo below is Jose. He still works here in 2014…now that’s dedication! Thank you Jose!

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