Costa Rica Coffee Farms -Travels En Enero

Things are changing in Costa Rica: Farms and mills operate as brand names, cultivating an image, and buyers scramble to compete for them. Why?

I find myself in Costa Rica again, but it took so long to upload these pictures, that it is not even my most recent trip there. In any case, this place has become difficult to work. It’s the easiest coffee producing country for US buyers to hit, and the pricing for coffees that cup well (and many that don’t) has become ridiculous.

You can’t blame exporters and farmers for trying to get the most, but you would hope they might value longer term relationships over the most recent yokel to come along and buy ridiculously small amounts of coffee at ridiculously huge prices.

What about the cup? Wasn’t it all supposed to be about the cup? Sometimes it seems the train has left the tracks… in any case there are still good coffees in CR and still good farmer and farms. Here are a few…

(ps This travelogue is from 2011) -Tom