Cuptober Fest 2013

Our Coffee Shrub roasting wizard, Chris Schooley flew in yesterday and roasted a few batches on our Probat L12. He roasted one to near perfection and really messed up the others…and then he borrowed Tom’s skillet and totally scorched a small batch as well. OK, wait! Yes, he did all this on purpose, and for a good reason too. A little while back, Chris blogged about stretching out roasts so we thought it would be fun to get some folks together and taste the differences between roast batches that have been extended, shortened, baked and scorched.

It was a definite learning experience. It’s one thing to learn from your own mistakes but another to intentionaly do those same "mistakes" and study them. We are very thankful to the folks from Blue Bottle, Highwire, Sightglass, Timeless, Orivor and a our home roasting friends for coming by, lending their thoughts, insights, and some of their own roasted coffee to cup as well. Enjoy the photos. Interested in stretching a roast? Click here to read the articles in our library.