Home Roasting for the Holidays

The holdiay season is truly one of the best times for roasters. Maybe we’ve just been gifted some green coffee and something to alter its greeness and the door has been opened for a new hobby/habit/obsession. Or maybe we’ve done it for a good while now and all of our friends, familiy, and neighbors get to reap the benefits through gifts or even are calling us demanding some of our home-roasted sweetness. I get sideways glances showing up at dinners at this time of year without some beans in hand, which is rare I would add, rare that I don’t have beans with me, not rare that I get invited to dinners!

Some of my very favorite coffee memories are when an uncle or some other visitor first tastes a coffee that I’ve roasted myself, and wants to know all about how it got to be that way. I really like to share info about the coffee itself which is very important, but what I try to empasize even more is what I did to the coffee, the value that I added. This isn’t an ego thing, it’s about being able to speak to what is going to be most tastebale and relatable to whoever is drinking it. Also, obviously one of my other hopes is that I just might convince someone else that they should be roasting their own coffee.

The other big thing about this time of year and sharing the fruits of our hobby with others is that this is generally the time where someone who’s been roasting for all of their friends and family for years starts to seriously consider what all their friends and family have been saying to them for a while; maybe you should be doing more of this, and maybe even selling it! I can’t even count the number of times that I’ve heard this story from a roaster, and I have to say that it really makes me happy each time that I do. It’s so great to get to do what you love for a living, and it’s equally great even just to share something that you love/made with someone. Right here, just after the holiday, this is when we’re loading those new beans, or maybe plugging in a new roaster, or maybe even getting that call that says "Wow, this is amazing!". Not to sound too corny, but it really is such a sweet gift to give. 

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