Keeping it Fresh

Roasted coffee that’s been sitting around for too long will lose a lot of flavor. You can fight this flavor loss by storing your coffee correctly. There are a lot of different options out there so we wanted to test a few and see what the results were. We compared a mason jar, one of the coffee tins that we sell and two other containers that claim to keep their contents fresh. Each container held 35 grams of coffee and we opened all containers about once a day for a month to simulate a someone opening the container to access their coffee. As expected the coffee we used tasted pretty bad (any coffee will taste this bad after a month). Our tin and the mason jar came in 2nd and 3rd in our flavor test. 1st and 4th places were held by the two newcomers. We are looking at offering the winner in the near future.

Look forward to future Sweet Maria’s science projects where we compare coffee stored in paper tin tie bags, plastic valve bags and out in open air.

Here’s an older article where we describe using a mason jar for coffee storage.

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