Our Posse’s On Broadway (SCAA Seattle) 


It’s Thursday morning in Seattle, and I have to say, this isn’t what I remember it being like when I lived here 10 years ago. For one, it’s April and sunny – two words not normally sharing the same sentence for north westerners. But all the same, I’m not complaining. If there’s one thing that puts my not-so-newly planted Bay area roots at ease, it’s feeling like we are all experiencing the worst drought in recorded history. Of course, rain is likely on it’s way tomorrow (per weather.com), and like all Seattle natives, I forgot to bring an umbrella.

Unpredictable weather aside, it’s hard to miss the awful lot of coffee folks already descended on the downtown area. Not an “awful – lot” per se (I reserve such terms of “endearment” for the party-goers who pack the seemingly endless assortment of newly-built sports bars on Capitol Hill) – But rather a whole bunch of people from all over the world are hovering around the Convention Center, hotels, and cafes in the downtown and Capitol Hill areas of Seattle. Welcome to SCAA.

Our docket looks jammed right now – as is everyone else’s, I’m sure. Between checking out the latest gadgetry on the showroom floor (we can’t wait to test and taste innovations in coffee slushy machines, microwave pizza rolls, and of course all things “artisan”), meeting with exporters and importers, coffee producers, and product manufacturers, we’ll be doing our best to chat with as many of our Coffee Shrub customers as possible. One benefit of attending SCAA is being able to meet with so many of the folks we work with in one place – a great value to us. We have a few meetings already scheduled with customers Friday late afternoon close by the convention center, and hope to hear from more folks interested in checking in with us.

Armed with coffee samples from our current list, be on the lookout for Tom, Amanda, and myself on the showroom floor (or maybe at Jive Time Records or Red Light Vintage). We’d really love to say ‘hi’, listen to what interests you, and talk about what we think makes Coffee Shrub unique. By tomorrow we’re sure to blend in with the other convention goers – an interested looking group, various heights and hair lengths, nodding our heads a lot – so look for the Coffee Shrub patches on our bags, and of course a lack of beards easily sets us apart. So here’s to the start of another long SCAA weekend, hopefully this time including meeting YOU. If you’re also here, shoot Amanda or myself an email saying so…we’re ready to talk coffee, “grunge”, or the 79′ world champion Super Sonics while waiting for a Vivace espresso.

Hope to see you soon,
-Dan [email protected]
-Amanda [email protected]

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