Roast Coffee Pairing #53: Sweet Home Costa Rica Reprise

So we love Costa Rican coffee right?  Here we have the Hernan Solis and the Bisunga as a head to head (or is it bean to bean?) comparison.  The Costa Rica Dota Tarrazu -La Bisunga  is a new micro lot that we bought this year – a classic Tarrazu profile and flavor balance, while the Costa Rica Hernan Solis Villa Sarchi is more fruited, clean and bright.  Both were kept fairly light at City+ final temperature of around 425 degrees, roast times of 14:30 minutes on these slightly smaller batches.  If this were really a competition I’d give the edge to the Solis, both are clean and sweet, but the Solis has a very well defined acidity that hits the palate in all the right places.  Sometimes Costa Rica coffees can be a little samey, but we pride ourselves on finding lots that are truly outstanding, these two are no exception.