Send Your Pet Photos to the 2018 Sweet Maria’s Calendar Casting Call

September 20, 2017

We are back at it, working on next year’s calendar. Last year, it was all cats. This year, the main pages will feature dogs but the traditional inside-back cover will be a collage filled with photos of our customers’ pets…of all species. Send us your favorite photo of your non-human companion and we’ll do our best to have it end up in our 2018 calendar (available late 2017).



  • Make sure your photo is in focus. Everyone loves fuzzy pets but not everyone loves fuzzy (blurry) photos.


  • Email one photo per pet. If you can’t decide, that’s fine. We’ll pick our favorite from the bunch.


  • If your photo is coffee-related it will improve the chances of your pet being selected. No humans please…a photo with you and your pet won’t make the cut.


  • Pets only. Please don’t send us wildlife photos, pics of neighborhood pigeons or bigfoot sightings.


  • More than one pet? That’s fine. Send us photos of all of them and we’ll do our best to make them all fit.


  • We can’t guarantee that your pet will squeeze into the collage but we’ll do our best.


  • The deadine for submissions is Oct. 20, 2017



Here’s part of last year’s cat collage…a good example of how the 2018 layout will look.

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