Thanks for visiting us at the Maker Faire

Thank you to all who came down to visit our booth at this year’s Maker Faire in San Mateo, CA. We had a great time meeting fellow coffee lovers and new friends, and  having time to chat with our current customers. We were inspired by the large number of people interested in home coffee roasting – even the gentleman who asked, “Why are you promoting home coffee roasting?”  “Well, um, because, if you like to drink coffee,  it’s a great way to make really good coffee!”   We are pretty beat from all the driving, loading, unloading and talking, talking, talking,  but are very excited to have spent time with so many people and share something we are really into. To Josh and Byron who set up and manned the booth, a big THANK YOU. – Maria

Check out our short video montage. What’s Josh pointing to at 0:34? Our blue Make Magazine Editor’s Award ribbon!



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