Why we Ran Out of Behmor Roasters…Again.

If you are reading this, you are probably one of the folks that had been patiently waiting to purchase a Behmor 1600 Plus and when you went to our website, we were out of stock. First of all, we would like to apologize. After all the hype, promoting the new features and control panel, it’s unfair that many people were left in the dark after waiting for such a long time.

So what happened? For some reason, Behmor was only able to import a limited number of roasters. We were told this in advance but had our fingers crossed that we would receive more. After dividing them up amongst the other Behmor dealers in North America, we were only allocated a very small number of machines. We didn’t expect them to sell out as fast as they did.

Who’s fault is it?  We are NOT pointing fingers at Behmor. They are an excellent company to work with that stands behind their products. It’s in their best interest to export enough machines for their retailers to sell but sometimes there are issues getting enough of them exported. The only positive side to this is that we know Behmor isn’t forcing their factory to pump out machines that could be low quality, defective or dangerous.

So, when can I actually get one? Late October. This is what we are being told. Trust us, we really want to get these in the hands of every home roaster that wants one. We think the new features are great and hope that we can ship one out to you soon. Since we are so close to the port that the Behmor Plus machines landed at, we were one of the first retailers to physically sell them…and one of the first to run out. Saying this doesn’t make any sense from a business standpoint but you can always buy one from another retailer but act fast since all Behmor dealers in North America are receiving a small quantity to sell.

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