Yemen Sana’ani was My Secret

I got caught trying to add a coffee to the list and not telling everyone. The fact is, I wanted to re-roast and re-cup the new Yemen Sana’ani again, maybe tweak the review a little, and make the flavor quality analysis graph. Anyway, the review is true: this is the best Yemen I have found in a long time. The fact is, we shipped this lot with a Mattari, and with an Ismaili (a very hard to source coffee), and we had to reject these two. The Mattari was okay in the dark roasts, but i just could not get excited about it. The Ismaili had faded a lot from the pre-ship samples I had cupped, and it would have disappointed you all. I mean, I could have offered it with a big asterisk by the name and explained it was mild, with just a trace of that Ismaili spice to it. But I wouldn’t feel good doing that. The name connotes something for you all, as it does for me; this lot just missed the bar. Anyway, on a better note, the Sana’ani works really well as a tangy, fruited light roast, or Full City+ to Vienna with chocolate and spice abundant. It definitely did make the bar… -Tom