Aillio Bullet Roasters. Sold Out…Again. Why!?!?!

Jan. 4, 2019

We received another shipment of Aillio Bullet roasters last week and they sold out in a matter of hours. If you purchased one, congrats! If you wanted one but didn’t attempt to place your order in time, we are sorry. This is the second time this has happened.  Sure, it’s nice on our end to sell merchandise quickly, but to be honest, we would rather have enough for everyone who wants one.


Bullets left our warehouse just as fast as they arrived.

Aillio is an innovative company that prioritizes quality and has successfully developed what we think is one of the best home roasting machines . The downside of this focus on quality has been a lack of mass production. Each part is sourced individually and made to work with a precision that will last for years which is part of the reason production can get delayed at times. If they feel a part can be improved upon, they take the time to make it better. If a part doesn’t work perfectly, they take the time to perfect it, even if it means postponing a ship date. This make impatient folks like us kinda nervous, but in the end, it pays off because when we send them to our our customers, we know that they are receiving a machine built without any compromises.

Aillio is also the first roaster company we have worked with that continually updates their design. They are always implementing small improvements to the Bullet. Most appliance designs are set in stone until the next model with a new name or model number is developed. For example, this last shipment ships with an upgraded impeller fan, a tool kit and a new  infrared thermometer.

Included tool kit.


Replacement impeller fan with an improved fit will help with future maintenance.

If you were on the mailing list to purchase one, only to find out they were sold out by time you went to place your order ,we apologize. We are talking with Aillio to receive larger quantities in the future. The latest buzz is that we will receive them sometime in early Spring 2019 (maybe sooner).

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