Air Roasting / Air Roasters: Live Stream Video Replay

Jarrett and Thompson chatted about air roasting, air poppers, and the background history of roasting coffee in a hot, forced air stream.

If you missed our YouTube Livestream on air roasting, we have the video replay here. Thompson and Jarrett talk about air roasting generally (and why it’s really not a great distinction in talking about coffee roasting), and a mini-history of the small air roasters used for home coffee roasting.

We look at the original West Bend Poppery, the Poppery II, Melitta AromaRoast home coffee roaster, Hearthware Gourmet, Hearthware Precision coffee roaster. Then we talk about the Popper coffee roaster and the latest, low-cost Poppo for roasting coffee

This was just an off-the-cuff chat, and hopefully there aren’t too many gaffes or factual errors!

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  1. I love what you do Tom. You started the whole home roasting thing. As always they have taken your ideas tried to complicate it and certified themselves. I didn’t know you were sued out of the blocks. The fact you prevailed makes you a hero to me. You are one of the only green suppliers I trust for fresh greens.

    1. Haha. Thanks for the comment. It was funny to recall the “lawsuit” and it’s pretty comic thinking back on it. Seems almost like a sitcom episode

  2. Thanks for this breakdown. I’ve long advocated air roasting since I found out my fav roaster in Chicago — Bridgeport — used a Sievitz roaster! And still does.

  3. More accessible IS fun, and it means more people buying your green coffee. My son and I just got into this a couple weeks ago and I’m pretty sure I’ve spent over $200 already on green coffee! 😂 It’s fun, easy to do, and we can try lots of single origin coffees at a fraction of the cost. Thanks! I look forward to watching more of these “coffee conversations.”

    1. 100%! I was a customer first, and had the exact same experience of wanting to try coffee from as many origins as I could! For me, the fact that roasting coffee at home opens up so many coffee options that you can’t just buy anywhere is part of its allure.

      Glad you enjoyed the talk. We’ll have many more in the new year.


  4. I enjoy all your videos-travel videos, informal talks, whatever! I have been having a lot of fun air roasting in my garage (SR800 w/extension tube) amazing Ethiopian, Kenyans, and Yemen coffee in particular from Sweet Maria’s, plus some great Guatemalans of course-for myself and friends as gifts, also I’ve been telling everyone about the benefits of home roasting!! I’m currently saving up for the dog calendar, ten speed shirt, ten speed spoon, ten speed mug, and of course more green coffee (when I get low on my current overflowing supply-I need to drink faster! haha)
    Seriously though, Sweet Maria’s is #1-bravo on the Poppo-it’s the perfect popper to recommend to new home roasters…!!
    My current favorite roast is taking the Kenyas to almost 2nd crack but not quite, to bring out that grape note-it’s a really unique flavor.
    Also I’ve been experimenting a little bit with making blends- I love Moka Kadir by the way!

    1. Hey Joel, thanks! +1 on dark roasted Kenya. I think because they tend to show so well when roasted “light and bright”, people don’t really consider developing darker. Full City can really bring out delicious darker fruit notes, which pair nicely with bittersweetness.


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