Artisanal, Hand-Wrapped Pallets


Part of daily life here at Coffee Shrub home base is preparing freight shipments for orders that are 400 lb or more. Sure we could just throw some jute bags on any old banged up pallet and call it good, but we take extra time and care with our shipments.

All of our coffees are packed in handsome seafoam green GrainPro bags securely held closed with a stylish yet ulitarian ziptie, then placed inside white woven poly bags with the Shrub logo printed in black ink. We use only the finest reclaimed cardboard as an added barrier between the bags and hand-selected pallet (heat treated available for international shipments). To keep them secure, we buckle the bags in with black nylon strapping, reminiscent of sturdy vintage suspenders. The final step is carefully hand-wrapping the entire pallet in transparent cling film to keep the bags secure, sheltered from the elements and potential forklift piercing. All this work comes together to make a pallet that is structurally sound and pleasing to the eye.