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Coffee Shrub is our wholesale business, supplying green coffee beans to other roasters looking for quality coffee from our inventory.

A primer on Green coffee cupping scores and flavor graphs

Understanding Our Coffee Reviews

A primer to the charts and numbers of our coffee cupping profiles This short primer helps explain how coffee scores are calculated and what flavor

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Ngororero Coffee Rwanda

Rwanda Coffee – Ngororero Washing Station

A video tour of the Ngororero coffee washing station in the Western District of Rwanda RwandaRwandan coffee was, at one time, rarely seen in the

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green coffee sweet marias coffee shrub

Green Coffee Outlook – April 2022 – for Sweet Maria’s and Coffee Shrub

Stay up to date on coffee we have coming down the pipeline and our latest green coffee outlook and arrivals schedule. From the Cupping Table

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Roasting Small Batches of Green Coffee in Popper Coffee Roaster

Whether you’re roasting tail ends of a coffee bag, or green coffee samples for cupping, tiny batches are totally possible in Popper. “Roasting small batches

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