Back from Peru. A Coffee Competition. I made a Movie

Goofy movie of Peru Cupping competition (just prior to the Potato Competition)

I spent the last part of the week catching up after a week off the beaten path in Peru (which should yield a nice micro for shrub).

We have 2 new lots lined up, but not quite ready for full release. I’ll be working on that next week.

Chris Schooley is here for the weekend for extensive cupping, and we’ll be running a lot of coffees through the espresso machine to test SO possibilities as well.

I also tossed in the videos from the Concurso de Calidad. Coffee that is. Because at the same venue the next event was the Concurso de Papas (Peru is THE origin of potatoes). And for that event the sign was 3x larger, and everyone was really excited. Coffee ? Pfft … whatever.


It’s not potatoes but it is still important: Coffee!
Let’s tear down this Peru cupping really fast ! Potatoes are coming!
And best of all Aleco tells us all about origin!

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