Bull’s Blood: Bringing Sulawesi closer to Costa Rica

Bull’s blood and Sulawesi, oddly, are related in my mind. I will be in Sulawesi in July and, rather unpleasantly, bulls blood is exactly what they spill at the funeral season (July-August) in Toraja. I’ll explain the relevance … really, I will … I have been working on two new additions over the last few days and they are finally activated today (trying to get this done before the US>UK world cup game!) The Sulawesi AA Toarco replaces the Peaberry lot, and has a different flavor profile. As with the Peaberry though, it is quite a revelation to the experience cupper and their customer (based on our experience and feedback – see the Toarco PB review in the archives!) I am very excited about the Costa Rica “Sangre de Toro” from the area of Santa Maria de Dota, Tarrazu. This is a project that, from it’s inception right at the farm in January this year, was intended as special offering for Shrub. Sangre de Toro means “Bull’s Blood” and refers the the color of dark crimson-red coffee cherry. We asked the Calderon family to have cherry re-sorted as it came to the mill to include only the very very ripe cherry. We paid a large premium for the extra labor, hence the price. But it is a sweet, clean cup, a “dessert coffee” I would call it. -Tom