Cacao, Cocoa, Coffee: Video Resources

Our cacao roasting video and livestream replay are additional resources to learn more about roasting cacao at home

For roasting cacao and our Coffee and Cacao sample sets, we created some video resources lately. The cocoa roasting information parallel the articles we created:

Roasting Cacao at Home- An Overview and Demo

Thompson gives an overview of roasting cacao at home in this 20 minute video, to support our recent Coffee and Cacao Exploration Set. Roasting cacao is fun and has a lot of crossover with home coffee roasting. The aromas when roasting cacao are amazing, and there are some simple things you can do with it like making fresh cocoa tea, or simply eating the cocoa beans! We also have a series of articles on our Coffee Library site to support this temporary detour we are doing into cocoa, including ideas to roast cacao in the Behmor coffee roaster or your oven / toaster oven. This video parallels the article: Roasting Cacao at Home in A Behmor Coffee Roaster or Oven

Roasting Cacao at home: an overview and demo

Livestream with Jula and Jarret: Exploring the Relationship between Coffee and Cacao

We presented our work with cacao and what is so interesting and rewarding about it in a YouTube livestream

Livestream Cacao discussion with Julia and Jarrett

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