Coming Soon: The Behmor Plus roaster

Jun 2, 2014

The Behmor 1600 has always been a very popular roaster. It roasts up to a pound of coffee, reduces smoke, is easy to use and has excellent customer support through Joe Behm and his team. We were excited to hear about a new model. When Joe unveiled the Behmor 1600 Plus, it created some buzz because of it’s new and smart features. Behmor is also going to sell a control panel upgrade kit for those who want to install all the new features into their current Behmor roaster. A lot of folks have been asking about it. Here’s what we know so far….


Will it look different?

Aside from cosmetic changes to the control panel, the Plus will look the same as the current model, in fact, mechanically it will be the same trusty machine.


What are the improvements and new features?

  • You will be able to choose from two different drum speeds, 8 RPM and 16 RPM
  • The P1 through P5 buttons also control temperature, adjusting in 25% increments
  • You can reset the time remaining when you hear first crack

The display will not only show how much time is left in your roast but two temperature readings from the drum and exhaust.



Already own a Behmor 1600?

Thinking about upgrading your current Behmor or buying the current model to upgrade? Don’t worry, it won’t be like buying a new computer or a car that becomes “old” when the 2015 models roll out. A Behmor upgraded with a new panel will have the same features as a Behmor Plus.


When will it be available?

At the time of the is post, we have been told that panels should be in our warehouse around the 2nd week of July and the new roasters will be here around early September.

Will adding a panel void Behmor’s 1 year warranty?


Behmor Inspired

From the latest Behmor press release…

“Behmor will be starting a new program called Behmor Inspired. This program is based on the simple philosophy, we as a company believe we should give back.”

“For several years we have donated roasters to organizations such as Anacafe (Guatemalan National Coffee Org) and similar but, we’ll now formally announce this program so customers understand part of their money, as profits from sales will go to fund even larger programs to include assistance in other ways. Currently we are working to donate 134 Behmor 1600s to Central American countries and Mexico, along with 30 more going to Burundi.”

“All of this is being done to assist the small farmer so maybe for the first time they can roast and sample their own crops. Our goal is to donate 250-300 roasters this year and to grow those numbers over time. We’ll create a new page on our site to post progress, donations made or have gone. This will be fully transparent and updates posted on our website for all to see.”

“We are dedicated to the idea that without these men and woman we have nothing for all our businesses to thrive on, so at the very least we as manufacturers, resellers and tangentially our customers can do is insure they have more of an opportunity to prosper and feed their families.”





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