Filtercone Brewing Video, Melitta Style …and Clever Coffee Dripper Video Too!

A 7 minute video about brewing technique in a ceramic filtercone for pour-over drip coffee. Not great quality, no edits, one take. But some good info
An interesting footnote: If you have an acidic coffee, like a Kenya, and want to tone it down while maximizing sweetness, try brewing with 66-75% of the normal water (essentially overdosing the coffee) then add hot water directly to the brew to correct the strength. It’s an interesting experiment, and changes the perception of acidity and sweetness.
Also see our Clever Coffee Dripper video, 9.5 minutes:

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  1. I’ve been using a Melitta 101 (3 hole) for several years now…it’s my weekend brewer and will be going with me out into the wilderness when I retire next year. Hey, just because you’re out in the desert doesn’t mean you can’t have good coffee.

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