Four New Coffees

April 10, 2015

El Salvador Finca Matalapa Mirador – has great body and complex chocolate flavors with moderate acidity. An exceptional espresso option

El Salvador Matalapa Puerta Zapa – with unrefined sugar and roasted nut, and a cocoa bittersweetness as it finishes. A prime espresso candidate too.

Tanzania Mbozi – Kanji Lalji Farm – has a mixture of honeydew melon, burned sugar, fresh papaya, marachino cherry, and a citrus bite.  Sweetness and body, and contemplative top notes add a touch of complexity.

Tanzania Pulp Natural Igamba Mpitu PB – hefty sweetness and body, pulp natural process bolstering the latter of the two. Grain, barley bread, brown beer, and even hops – a unique Tanzania profile. The finish is chocolatey with fruit/pectin sugar flavors.

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